• Hi, I'm Prerit. I'm an entrepreneur, designer, and developer.

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My Work.

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of undertaking many different opportunities. It has allowed me to develop and diversify my portfolio. Below are just a select few distinct samples from my personal portolio that can give you some insight towards my interests and skill.

My Skills.

Social Media & Sales

Expert on social media campaigns and growth-hacking strategy. Built 1 million+ viewcount YouTube channels, organic reach methods, sales leads, and conversion strategy.

Graphic Design

A fundamental understanding of design and branding. Worked on powerful digital and print projects with clients to achieve clean, high-quality presences.

Content Development.

A knack for developing content and media. Good amount of experience in creating, marketing, and distributing content such as blog posts, podcasts, vidoes, and graphics.


Several years of industry-level marketing practice with expertise in e-mail, analytics, social networks, SEO, public relations, digital campaigns, and communications.

Photo / Video / Audio.

Prior work in photography, videography, cinematography, and audio-editing. From editing raw photos, to producing videos & short films, to creating radio ads.

Web Development.

Strong grasp of web development, front-end design, and UI/UX. Developed websites for venture-backed companies and small businesses. Languages: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

About Me.

I'm Prerit, an entrepreneur and visionaire in the greater New York area. When I'm not working with a client or catching up on e-mail, I'm probably playing some pickup basketball or reading about history.

I recently started my own digitial marketing agency. Be sure to say hi: Seth Studios

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