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UltimateKorra Media Networks

UltimateKorra is a news blog and publishing network that was founded in 2011, dedicated towards delivering the latest news and updates on the two popular Nickelodeon animated series: Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. What initially started off as a simple blog for an enthusiastic fan to mess around with, soon became a leading news and content distributing network with 3 different partner websites and thousands of active fans.

UltimateKorra News Blog

The first and main parent website of the network, UltimateKorra provides the latest news, updates, and information on Avatar & Korra. Fans can see episode schedules, release dates, access comic books, read interviews, and more.


KomicKorra Gallery

KomicKorra is the partner image gallery of the network. As much of the show's fanbase is made up of artists and creative individuals, this website stores a collection of various Avatar related art, pictures, edits, designs, and graphics.


AvatarTube Videos

AvatarTube serves as the video-sharing partner platform. Fans can submit and browse through a large collection of trending & interesting Avatar related videos such as trailers, behind-the-scenes, promos, and fan-made content.


Starting a blog based on something I was interested in fueled me to put forth my best efforts to make this project a success. As I got more into blogging and creating content, I explored social media, journalism, photo-editing, and business development. Several sleepless nights along with fierce execution allowed the website to gain significant exposure. As the initial blog yielded success, I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a few more partner blogs, based on more specific topics. And thus, the UltimateKorra Media Network was born. Soon, the network became one of the leading distributors of Avatar and Korra related content in the community, with thousands of active readers and fans! While the show seasons lasted, the UltimateKorra Networks remained primarily active from 2011 up until December 2014.

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